Menu & Price List


Chicken Wings


4 sticky buffalo wings served on a skewer

Crumbed haloumi cheese


Served with honey dressed, roast cherry tomatoes with mixed herbs

Nicoise Salad


A French classic salad with tuna, smoked salmon, eggs, potatoes, lettuce and tomato drizzled with a unique dressing

Prawn avocado tower


Asian of summery fresh colors and flowers, salad with citrus mayonnaise, lime and chilli dressing

Greek Salad


Served with onion, green peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, feta and greek dressing

Gypsy Spit


Best organic cultivated mushroom wrapped in bacon and grilled with paprika and butter

Cream of mushroom


EV famed creation, served with a dollop of cream and hearty handful of chopped

Sandwiches and burgers

Toasted or plain sandwich


With a choice of the following fillings:
– ham& cheese,
– Bacon sandwich
– Chicken mayo
*choice of 2 fillings, additional fillings are $3 each

Club sandwich


Served with honey dressed, roast cherry tomatoes with mixed herbs

A choice of white or brown warm sliced grilled chicken mayo, smoked bacon, sliced cheese and tomato on skewer, served with a crispy salad and chips

EV burger


Grilled juicy double patties with crispy lettuce, sliced tomato and red onion compote
garnishes served with French fries and herb dip

Chicken burger


Grilled chicken fillet served in a burger roll with salad and French fries

Main dishes

all main dishes are served with your choice of starch:
mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, white rice, french fries, fried rice, pap

Schnitzel and mushroom sauce


Breast coated in Italian breadcrumbs with parmesan, garlic and parsley served with your choice of side

Chinese pork chops


Pork chop fussed in Chinese soya marinate then fried

Lamb chop


Fussed in rosemary, thyme, ginger and garlic, mature marinate finished with a dash of Worcestershire sauce

Roasted chicken


Rustic flavourful chicken leg with traditional herbs and a glaze of sweet chilli to finish



Served with a touch of cream and gouda cheese aigrette

Hake fillet


Oven baked rolled fillet drizzled with cream and soy sauce served with fried yellow rice or choice of starch

Zimbabwean prime aged beef -300g


A choice of t-bone, rump, ribeye, fillet grilled to your perfection served with
mushroom sauce or pepper sauce, or chilli sauce
Additional sauce is $3 extra

Grilled chicken quesadilla


Served with honey dressed, roast cherry tomatoes with mixed herbs

Wok fried prawns


With crispy veg and white rice

Tilapia fillet


Pan fried fillet dusted in flour, herbs and seasoning served with roasted cherry tomatoes and chips



A classic Italian pasta made with fresh tomatoes, basil and garlic then tossed with pasta served with parmesan cheese



A supper rich classic bacon, cream and egg pasta dish with a generous measure of
parmesan cheese

Grand Finale (desserts)

Crepe surzette


The queen of dessert, pancakes flambéed with orange liqueur and brandy served with vanilla ice cream

Cake slice


selection of the day

Seasonal fresh fruit salad


Seasonal fresh fruit salad topped with ice cream or cream

Slice of Cheesecake


Choice of Blueberry or Strawberry sauce

Ice cream


Assorted topped with chocolate shavings

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